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DataVisor Anti-Money Laundering(AML) Solution was a POC project for one of the potential crypto-currency platform customer in order to demonstrate the money laundering detection capabilities of DataVisor platform. This was a time-bound 3 weeks project and I was responsible for facilitating the design discussions and involved in the product research and strategy. 


Given that this was an enterprise pilot project, there were no users to do user research or gather feedback. Also, the Anti-Money Laundering domain is heavily regulated by the US government and most of the business use cases were driven by the government requirements. This required me to thoroughly familiarize myself with the US laws like PATRIOT ACT, BSA, OPAC, etc. Next, conducted competitor study and internal brainstorming sessions with the stakeholders to understand the high level features. Based on the research, sketched the initial wireframes and designed the prototypes while validating in each iteration.

AML research.png

Domain research and competitor study

AML domain research.png

Identify tasks and features

AML tasks and features.png

Task flow diagram

AML Task flow diagram.png

prototyping and validation

AML Prototype 1.png
AML Prototype 2.png
AML Prototype 5.png
AML Prototype 6.png
AML Prototype 8.png
AML Prototype 7.png